My Profile Website. As a Front-End developer I would like to share my experience with other developers

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I am Webcat, Angular Expert. Front-end web developer providing a seamless bridge between design and the back-end. Experience with developing single-page applications in Angular (version 1.x and 2.x 4.x) and WordPress themes and plugins for enterprise companies. Specialties include responsive web design, mobile optimization, and service-oriented architecture. Especially strong at Material Design and Semantic UI, FlexLayout. Love to work with Developers, fast learner and funny Teamworker.

Technical Skills


Front-End Developer & Lead Developer(Feb 2011 - present)



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Angular4 UI switch component succeed on AOT build and npm published


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Angular Material(version 2) + AngularFlex Layout. You can understand how to construct Angular4 Admin Dashboard project using angular-cli. Authentication implemented with In Memory Data Service.(In progress)


ngx-bootstrap and angular2-datatable implement tutorial


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Angular4 routing tutorial with HTML mockup (In progress)